About Rainbow Tribe

Our Mission

Our Mission is to share the gift of self love with the world by creating experiences that cultivate joy, connection and awaken our luminosity so we can all shine brighter, together. 

We are committed to bridging across cultures, bringing back ritual, rites of passage and conscious events that connect people to self, community, nature and practices that honour the earth. We have an inspired vision of connecting modern day humanity with ancient knowledge so we can remember our magic, our collective power to rise and shine, in loving service of each other and the planet.


About Rainbow Tribe

Rainbow Tribe is a high vibe collective dedicated to enriching culture and community with uplifting experiences. We exist to serve our planet and those seeking joy, fulfilment, deeper self awareness and heart connection. Collaborating with musicians, DJs, medicine people, entertainers and everything in between, our retreats, events and courses awaken the senses, facilitate release and renewal, cultivate rejuvenation, deliver magic and share tools for empowerment and transformation.

The term Rainbow Tribe has been widely used for a long time around the globe and has a long history well before this incarnation arose. In our case the name was an evolution from our founder’s nickname “Rainbow”, who had a deep desire to unite with her tribe and help them shine brighter.