Winter Solstice Celebration
7:00 PM19:00

Winter Solstice Celebration

Nights are becoming longer and our Sun, more distant... So it’s time to ignite our fires by coming together as tribe to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

On this longest night of the year we have a delicious evening in store for you all, weaving Cacao Ceremony with Ritual, Yoga, Breath work and Tribal Dancing in the Dome!

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First Release $33
Second Release $44
Final Release $50

Ticket price includes a serve of Ceremonial grade Guatemalan cacao.
A percentage of profits go to A Sound Life Charity

Our collective activation includes:

- Communal Offering of Gratitude to the returning Sun
- Cacao Ritual and 5 Elements invocation with Rache Moore
- Pranayama and yoga practice with Andre Meyer
- Global beats with DJ Sohnm (Andre Meyer)
- Sound Healing Savasana
- Live visionary painting with Jefton Sungkar

For centuries, The Solstice has been one of the most celebrated nights of the year, in ancient times it marked the turning point when days slowly became longer and the sun and warmth returned to the lands. Culture is created by it’s people and we, the community, are returning to ritual in order to bring more meaningful connection and a deeper and more rich experience of life.

Bring water bottle, yoga mat or pillow if you'd like to sit on something soft!
Superfood Organics will have a delicious Winter Warmer snack bar so bring change for treats!

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Whale Watching Adventure
8:00 AM08:00

Whale Watching Adventure

Friends! It's that magical time of year when the humpback whales come out to play. Last years trip was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives, we got so close to these immense creatures right here in our beautiful Sydney Harbour headlands.

Please join us to celebrate the annual migration of the mighty humpback whales as they travel north to warmer waters. 'Major Tom' our 60ft sailing yacht will take us out on the ocean as we enjoy a delicious morning tea and prepare ourselves to connect with one of our planets largest & most magical creatures.

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We leave Rose Bay ferry wharf at 8.30am returning around 11:30am.

Brunch of pastries, fruit and assorted teas provided.

This environmentally conscious themed morning includes inspirational talks from trained marine mammal rescuer Catriona Byrne from the Orrca society, conscious community connection with Rachel Moore of Rainbow Tribe and uplifting global beats from DJ Andre Meyer. Bring your own water bottle and eat a light breakfast before arriving. Please also take sea sickness tablets if you know you dont have good sea legs!

A percentage of your ticket price will be donated to Yoga for Nature.

Thank you to the incredible artist Elspeth McLean for the above image, check out her art here

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New Moon Ceremony
6:30 PM18:30

New Moon Ceremony


Wednesday July 3rd we gather with our circle of sisters under the New Moon in Cancer. This particular lunar energy brings a strong wave of sensitivity to our environment, both internal and external, so we’ll tap into this for our Cacao Ceremony and New Moon ritual. Our intention for this event is creating space to self-reflect, connect more deeply to our intuition and to know our own magic.

As we sit in circle we connect to thousands around the planet also gathering on the New Moon for clarity and connection to our intuition, guided by the cycles of the earth and stars.

Our cacao ceremony will invoke the five elements of nature to support our transcendence as we imbibe Theobroma Cacao, an ancient plant medicine that opens the heart, expanding our awareness of who we are and where we want our path to take us.

Early Bird $33 +bf (ends June 19)
Late Bird $44 + bf
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Bring a bottle of water and blanket to sit on journal and anything you'd like to place on the alter.

Something magic happens when we gather in circle together, our collective energy and conscious intentions create an expansive container that enables us to transcend the distraction of thought and move into a state of deep connection to our hearts, intuition and straight to source. 

Cacao has been used for eons by many native cultures and shamans to connect to the wisdom of their heart and the wisdom of the earth. It is said to bring us to the door of the heart as it contains high levels of magnesium to relax the body and the alkaloids tryptophan and theobromine which elevate our mood and can increase serotonin production. Cacao also contains caffeine which brings clarity. We will be drinking a serve of raw organic ceremonial grade Guatemalan cacao. Limit your intake of caffeine that day and if you're on anti depressants or suffering from anxiety please PM me before the ceremony. 

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Love Alchemy - Cacao Kundalini Journey
6:30 PM18:30

Love Alchemy - Cacao Kundalini Journey

Friends, Lovers and Lucid Dreamers…

Calling the collective tribe together for a potent night of transformation, elevation, herbal wizardry and DANCE! Brewing up a magic mix of Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Dance, Exotic Tribal Beats and Sound Healing are your gracious hosts:

Kyle Laz (Supherb Chocolate)
Rache Moore (Rainbow Tribe)
Patricia Goncalves (Temple of Hathor)
DJ Andre Meyer (Brazil)

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First Release $39
Final Release $59
Ticket includes serving of Cacao

Our Journey

We begin with a heart expanding Cacao Ritual with Rache and Kyle, activating our love receptors with this ancient elixir and flooding the body with bliss to open the heart, energetically and physically.

In this grounded and expanded state Patricia initiates our Kundalini Dance, a temple practice that allows us to consciously let go of what is no longer serving us as it support us to co-create our reality through elevated levels of consciousness.

Keeping the energy high and ecstatic, we continue to express and liberate our mind, body and heart with free flow dancing as DJ Andre Meyer seduces the dancefloor with hypnotic beats and tribal rhythms.

Our final act invites us to connect back to Mother Earth, returning to our breath and the healing vibration of sound as Kyle Laz fills the space with crystal bowls and didgeridoo.

Our schedule

6.30pm Doors open with downtempo tribal beats, elixirs and treats

7pm Landing Ceremony and Cacao Ritual with Rache Moore

7.30pm Kundi Dance with Patricia Goncalves

8.45pm Global Beats with DJ Andre Meyer

9.45pm Sound Healing with Kyle Laz

10.15pm Closing Circle

10.30pm Farewell

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Elemental Alchemy Retreat ~ ETHER
10:00 AM10:00

Elemental Alchemy Retreat ~ ETHER

Welcome to an exquisite journey into your magic. This mind, body and soul nourishing experience is the first of five awakening retreats in the Elemental Alchemy Series, designed to ground you deeply into the earth and your own being.

Over time, the elements support our spiritual awakening and support the growth of our intuitive wisdom, they are ancient teachers that expand our perspective of who we are and how we show up in the world. Each of these retreats is complete and whole within itself, offering tools and practices to enhance your ability to navigate change and promote physical and emotional healing.

Our retreat together will be an introduction into Elemental Alchemy with a focus on our first element, ETHER, the cosmic modem connecting us to Universal wisdom and guidance.

What's Included?

- Immediately applicable tools to support emotional and physical healing
- The Foundations of working with the five Elements
- Qualities of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth
- Introduction to ETHER – the element of cosmic connection
- Techniques to weave elemental alchemy into your yoga and meditation practice
- Establishment of your morning self-love practice
- 5 Element Form Yoga Class
- New Moon Cacao Ceremony (6.30 - 8.30pm)
- Daily rituals to connect you with Ether, your gateway to Universal Intelligence
- Delicious Vegetarian lunch
- Herbal Teas and light snacks throughout the day
- E Book on Ether, Chapter One in the Elemental Alchemy Handbook
- Practicing the ancient art of ritual and ceremony to transcend the distraction of thought and enter a state of coherence (self healing)
- Cultivating our ability to self-love and sense our worth through practices I've been using for the past eight years to fall in love with life, with my self and heal my physical body.

Earlybird (until April 15) - $169 + bf
Latebird - $199+ bf

Discover more and register HERE

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